Friday, October 30, 2009

A Magazine Happy Halloween from Enoch Bolles

One of the masters of the highly collected genre of "good girl art" was Enoch Bolles. This New Jerseyan created many memorable images for such titles as Film Fun, Judge, Snappy, Spicy and other "girlie" and humor magazines of the 1920's and thirties. You can see quite a few by simply going to google images using his name.

I bid on this magazine recently and was the underbidder at $118, but wanted to share this wonderful seasonally appropriate image with you.
Trick or treat!


Laurie Powers, on her blog, pointed out that I own another rare Bolles image from Talking Screen, a very rare title (I've only seen this issue). Laurie scooped me with my own image from my e-book so, for completeness, I've added it for all to see.

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