Saturday, October 10, 2009

A January 1926 Magazine Rack

This post was inspired by seeing a photo of a newsstand on the blog of Darwination (see link on the right hand column of my homepage).

I've always looked for photos of vintage newsstands. There are one or two you see all the time but I'm always on the lookout for new and unique images (if anyone out there in cyberspace has a great one, I'd love to see it). I found this beauty at Brimfield in the mid-90's and it is my favorite.

It dates to January 1926. The key to the puzzle is Movie Magazine, which was only published between September 1925 and April 1926. There are so many wonderful magazines (there's even an incredibly scarce issue of Arizona Highways on one of the bottom shelves), a few titles of which I've never seen (Marriage Problems, for one).

There's also some great advertising, particularly tobacco memorabilia, for those interested in that area of history.

Oh, to be back in the good old days! On second thought, it's pretty good to be around today. If we weren't, I wouldn't be able to share this wonderful image with you!

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