Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Twenty Year Mystery Solved!

A few years ago I posted a magazine that I believed contained a previously unknown essay by Elizabeth Barret Browning.

The basis for this was that the magazine in was in Titan, was not able to be located in any source and also due to the fact that it had been separated from its original wrappers, despite internal evidence that it was published somewhere in the Mississippi valley. My investigation led to conversations with various literary and publishing authorities in both St. Louis and New Orleans, but, alas, to no avail. Conversations with Browning authorities likewise were fruitless.

So where else could the mystery be solved? In the Lomazow collection of American periodicals!Recently going over a stack of uncatalogued issues I came across the first issue of Cresent Monthly, published in New Orleans in 1866.

A perusal of the contents and typography immediately reminded me of Titan and, indeed, a comparison yields the inevitable conclusion that the publisher was one in the same!

It is now quite clear that Titan was published in New Orleans and, to this point, my copy remains the only one known. I own a number of unique periodicals but this one ranks as the most important since it contains a heretofore unknown work of a major American author. Mr Evelyn published Titan in 1859 and, like many others. suspended his operations during the Civil War. In 1866, he started anew with Crescent Monthly.

Just another reason why collecting magazines over the previous three decades has been such a source of pleasure to this blogger.

Periodically yours,


Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Great Newsstand Photo. NYC June 1953

I love to collect old photos of newsstands. I just got back from the New Jersey Antiquarian Bookfair where I purchased this one.

The dealer was unable to date it but by looking at the magazines in the picture, especially TV Fan in the upper right hand corner, the date is June 1953. Here's the magazine, which happens to be the first issue.

The location is probably at the north end of Columbus Circle, with Central Park West to the left of the newstand. Enjoy a great piece of NYC magazine history!