Monday, October 19, 2009

Latest Installment M-O including Movies and New York. Lon Chaney

Should be a great day today. Meeting with the publicist for our upcoming book on FDR. I was underbidder on latest copy of the first Groucho Marx sheetmusic, Mary Moore, that sold for $2750 (the first one solf for $6700). Also, lost a damaged first issue Playboy (1953, Not 1919) for $850.

One of the original movie villains, Lon Chaney and a cover rarely if ever seen.

This installment includes an exquitely rare volume of movie magazines, Movie Adventures/Movie Thrillers/Movie Monthly that I paid a little under $2000 from Tampa pulp and memorabilia dealer David Alexander a few years back.

It also contains a pot-pourri of magazines published in New York. A topic I should address more completely in a separate entry. Here's the first issue of the first magazine published in the Gotham City, Independent Reflector. Perhaps the only magazine published by a signer of the Declaration of Independence (from New Jersey!), William Livingston.


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