Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Pulp Acquisition: Love Nest Stories.

I just received this exceedingly rare pulp in the mail today. I got it from my good friend Richard Clear for $250. It is the 867th (yes 8-6-7)first issue pulp in my collection. The first new addition of 2011 (I added a grand total of 8 in 2010). It is undated but by the ads ca. 1935. A typical girly sleaze magazine printed on pulp paper interspersed with glossy photos of semi-nude women. Cleary a first issue as seen on the cover. This one is a bit special since it contains a story by the noted writer Robert Leslie Bellem.

It is not listed in the Adventure House Guide nor the first printing of Tim Cottrill's great book but is listed in the second edition.

Guaranteed you won't find this image anywhere else.


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