Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday Boy Scouts. Boy's Life. Norman Rockwell

Sorry for not posting more recently. I've been immersed in a new book on General Albert C. Wedemeyer.

One cannot discuss the history of the Boy Scouts without referencing their magazine Boy's Life, begun in 1911. The Boy Scouts have issued a number of more specialized periodicals, but Boy's Life is their flagship.Early issues are exceedingly rare. Rockwell's first ever magazine appearance (December 1912) and his first magazine cover (unsigned September 1913) are highlights.
I had Rockwell sign a copy of this for me and traded it away.
I still own the first three issues and a volume from 1914 that was art edited by Rockwell (his first job in illustration) that contains dozens of his illustrations. Rockwell did illiustration from the magazine well into the 1970's. I don't believe that there has been a longer association between an illustrator and a magazine in publishing history.
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Jen Fritz Photography said...

Dr. I read your paper 'The Early Book Illustrations of Norman Rockwell' I have purchased an early painting signed by Norman Rockwell. Painted on beaver board, the board copy copyrighted 1910, before Norman was famous. I was hoping you could take a look at it and possibly identify if it is a Rockwell, or know who I could contact. Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lomazow: Enjoy your blog, which I have stumbled upon. Perhaps you can offer me some wisdom. I am not a big collector, but I am a big fan of Roger Staubach. I am trying to locate a copy of Life from Nov. 29, 1963. I am sure you know of the one I refer to. Do you have one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

M. Klouda, MD, Tyler, TX

Steven Lomazow M.D. said...

Dr Klouda.

I have two copies of the magazine you are talking about. Please contact me at and leave contact info