Wednesday, April 14, 2010

James Joyce, Margaret Anderson, "Ulysses" and The Little Review

I've just posted a new E-book, telling the visual story of the monumental first appearance of "Ulysses" in The Little Review.

Over the years, I've paid special attention to building a high quality run of the original issues. All together I've had about three sets. The magazines are extremely fragile, owing to the poor quality of the paper used. Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap, despite the importance of their venture, were operating on a financial shoestring. Certain issues (most notably the first installment) have better paper and are a bit less crumbly.

Individual issues sell for around $150 each in decent shape. I value a good complete set at around 10K. The later pirated editions in Samuel Roth's Two Worlds Monthly are considerably more common and less valuable, though they still predate the first American book edition that finally appeared in 1933.

This is yet another great and graphic example of the origins of literature in our magazines. The images of all the covers are shown and will be found nowhere else on the web. Enjoy!

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