Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Blog: FDR's Deadly Secret

For the last year, I have been writing another blog, until now private, devoted to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Since our book has been released, it is now time make that blog public and to return this forum completely to the subject of magazines, which has a great deal more to be discussed.

While they are both essentially historical treatises, a segregation is in order. So, for those interested in the fascinating world of Presidential health, permit me to introduce (drum roll)

There are already over 40 posts, containing much new and original information about our much discussed 32nd President. It reflects the same degree of dedication and compulsive search for the truth as you have witnessed, and will continue to witness, on this blog.

So, please pardon my surreptitious disloyalty, the secret (FDR's Deadly Secret) is now out. After the storm of FDR news (see today's Wall Street Journal for a phenomenal review of our book)
this forum will now be return exclusively to the subject of American magazine history.

Have a great day.

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