Thursday, December 17, 2009

A New and Unrecorded Pulp Magazine- New Sensations

The rarity of magazines continues to blow me away!

I just bought this magazine on ebay for $17.05 plus $4 postage.

I'd never heard of it and was the highest of three bidders. There is no reference to it on the web nor is it listed in either Gunnison et al. or Cottrill, the two bibles of pulp bibliography. I personally spoke with John Gunnison (of the great Adventure House- see link on home page) today and he had not heard of it. I would venture a guess that John has seen more pulps than anyone alive.

The first 10 pages are missing but fortunately the title page and contents are on page 133. Internal information suggests that it was published by the same people who published Cartoons and Movies and The American Art Student all on Park Row in Manhattan. A note from the editor states that the magazine recently changed ownership and "the size and style are completely changed" so therefore this could be the first of the format and perhaps the only of the format.
It has 132 pages, is the size of a standard pulp, is printed on pulp paper (in excellent condition I might add), contains fiction and has a glossy cover and spine, making it, by any definition, a pulp magazine.

So I tend to think my $21 dollar investment was well worth it and I've clearly gotten twenty one dollars worth of enjoyment from it- so now you can get some too!
Best of the season.

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