Monday, November 2, 2009

Enoch Bolles?

After a couple of "heavy" academic posts, I thought I'd revert to the purely whimsical and aesthetic part of magazine collecting.

When I saw this 1938 cover at a pulpcon a few years ago I just had to own it. I hadn't seen the image anywhere else (or since) and it instantly reminded me of Bernadette Peters.

When someone name Jack R. responded to my Enoch Bolles halloween cover with a link to his great website devoted to Bolles , I searched the images that once again reminded me of the one above.

Bolles did do other covers for this obscure "girly" pulp:

So is mine a Bolles? No apparant attribution inside or signature on the cover. I'll leave it to my readers, many of whom appear to enfatuated with "good girl art" as am I.

I'll keep you posted.

P.S. I heard from the guy that bid me up on the Local Televisor. A very nice fellow from Colorado and a prior acquaintance of Bob Reed. Its fun to hear from all of you collectors out there.

Still no winner of my "who's picture is this?" contest.

Have a great day.

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