Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Magazine Origin of "Oscar"

When I obtained this exceedingly rare magazine last March, I was so excited about it that immediately posted a blog entry. Now, at the time when the world is focusing on Sunday's Oscar ceremonies, an enhanced reprise seems appropriate.
The cover of this magazine and the image for the statuette was designed by the academy's first art director, Cedric Gibbons. As you can see, there were minor changes in 1929 but the concept is the same and this is likely the first publication of what appears to be the logo of the newly-formed academy and the predecessor of the famous award.
There is nothing in this beautifully designed and expensively accomplished periodical about awards, but the goals of the academy are outlined in the opening essay by its first president, Douglas Fairbanks. Since this statement of purpose is likely not found elsewhere, I thought I'd use the occaision of this year's academy awards to share it with you.

Enjoy the show!

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