Sunday, January 11, 2009

addendum to Pearl Blauvelt post: Beatrice Beck

I've added an interesting addendum about Beatrice Beck, the ten year old publisher of the children's magazine Storyland referred to at the end of the "Pearl Blauvelt" post.

After reading this entry, my "S.O" Katherine became interested in this magzine and its young publisher Beatrice Beck. With a few hours of research online (The New York Times being the best overall source) a most interesting story emerged. The young Ms. Beck, daughter of the solicitor general in the Harding administration, was presented before the court of Saint James in 1922. She was married twice and had four children (two by each husband), and hobnobbed in all the best social circles in New York society. Her second, more long-lasting marriage was to Colonel Snowden Fahnestock (whose first wife committed suicide after their divorce). In later life she wrote a memoir of her life entitled "Look Back With Joy. Reminiscinces of the Twenties Through the Sixties", available through Her daughter, Lee Fahnestock, is a prominent and well-respected literary translator. Ms. Beck Fahnestock died in 1980, seventy years after her brief, yet fruitful, foray into magazine publishing.

Fortunately, her "silver spoon" status as a child enabled the publication of her little children's magazine and made this cute little upshot from a purchase of a piece of ephemera possible. We wonder if her family knows about it and perhaps we can contact them. We'll keep you posted!

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