Tuesday, January 1, 2008

American 18th Century Magazines

This is the very rare title page of the first american periodical to run more than one year, American Magazine and Historical Chronicle. It features a magnificent and extremely rare engraving of the city of Boston by Turner. Note who was authorized to sell this magazine in Philadelphia!
In twenty-five years, i've never seen another copy of this engraving for sale.
A fair 2008 auction estimate would be 8000-12,000 dollars.

This image is on the title page of my book American Periodicals, A Collector's Guide and Reference Manual, published in 1996 and available for purchase for $49.95.

This is the only contemporary magazine printing of The Declaration of Independence, published in the July 1776 issue of Thomas Paine's Pennsylvania Magazine. Pennsylvania Magazine began in January 1775 and ceased publication with this issue. No magazine was then published in America until Boston Magazine in 1783.
Contemporary newspaper printings of the Declaration of Independence now sell for up to $100.000. This issue is valued at $25,000. It is presently on loan to the Newseum, opening in the spring of 2008 in Washington, D.C, where it will be displayed, along with dozens of other magazines from the Lomazow collection, in the news history gallery.